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Booking confirmation and deposit: To confirm your booking ROCKUP will require written confirmation (email is fine) using your quote number as a reference and a $200 booking deposit per unit booked.  For hires over $1,000 value written confirmation with a 20% booking deposit is required.  
NB: For Team Building programs and events that require time to be invested by ROCKUP in prior consultation, administration, planning, booking subcontractors/instructors ROCKUP reserves the right to hold the booking deposit in the event of cancellation.

Balance of payment: Due on or prior to your event date unless prior arrangements have been made with ROCKUP Management. A 15% penalty to apply per month on any outstanding payments due with any discounts forfeited.
We accept cash, direct payments into our bank account, bartercard or cheques.
Discounts: For any discounts to apply payment must be made on or prior to your event date, unless other arrangements have been agreed.
Cancellation Policy: Deposit paid for * "activity hires" will be refunded when 4 weeks or more written notice of cancellation is received. A minimum of 4 weeks written notice of cancellation is to be received or deposit due is forfeit by hirer.  If less than 4 weeks notice is given of cancellation 50% of quoted price is forfeit.  If less than 1 week of cancellation 75% of quoted price is forfeit and if less than 48 hours notice given or for cancellation on the day or where no written notice of cancellation is received ROCKUP reserves the right to charge the full quoted price.
* Activty Hire - A one off activity hire for an event or party that does not require time to be invested by ROCKUP in prior consultation, administration, planning, booking subcontractors/instructors.

ROCKUP Cancellation: ROCKUP reserves the right to cancel any hire without notice due to equipment or delivery failure, staff availability or environmental factors that may affect ROCKUP's ability to meet its Worksafe health and safety requirements.  If ROCKUP cancels a hire due to equipment or delivery failure or staff availability ROCKUP will refund any booking deposit for the hire in full. 
NB: If ROCKUP delivers a hire and finds the nature of the venue is unsuitable for the hire then it will be the decision of ROCKUP and the responsibility of the hirer to find a suitable location for the activity hire to be setup and if not available the hirer accepts payment for the hire costs will still be due in full to ROCKUP.

NB: For Team Building programs and events that require time to be invested by ROCKUP in prior consultation, administration, planning, booking subcontractors/instructors ROCKUP reserves the right to hold the booking deposit in the event of cancellation.
Dryhires: ROCKUP offers private residences the opportunity to dry hire bouncy castle units which means ROCKUP will deliver and setup the unit, with the hirer to be responsible for the safety & supervision of the unit during the hire with training from ROCKUP.  ROCKUP reserves the right to charge for any loss or damage to the unit as a result of the hire and reserves the right to charge a $50 + gst cleaning fee for any units not returned in the same clean condition as delivered. If hirer is wants to clean the unit during the hire use soapy water only with no chemicals.

Soft ground setup - As part of our standard setup ROCKUP provides ground stakes to secure inflatable units to the ground so they don't blow away & fence standards with tape free of charge for que control.
Hard surfaces setup- ROCKUP requires sandbags & cones for que control for setups on hard surfaces for which we charge a small handling fee of $5 + gst per sand bag or cone please ensure ROCKUP administration is aware of setups on hard surfaces or we may not beable to setup on this area.
Power Requirements: ROCKUP requires power to the site or sites, within 20 metres to operate any Inflatables, Bouncy Castles, mechanical units or Airbarn Shelters and can provide generators at cost if ordered in advance.  When no or insufficient power is available ROCKUP reserves the right to charge for any equipment hireage, time and generators (including fuel) that need to be hired to complete the event and cannot be held responsible for any loss in revenue or hireage.
Weather Policy: ROCKUP provides inflatable Airbarn Shelters with our mobile Rockclimbing Walls & offers exy-up shelters for hire for our other to allow for operation in most weather (except gail force winds). 
Some of our activities have electronic components & cannot operate in the rain ie Mechanical Surfboard and the vertical bungy trampolines unit.
If you are concerned about the weather or hiring an electronic unit we would strongly recommend reserving an alternative indoor wet weather venue such as a gym, hall or outdoor covered area or ROCKUP can provide additional Airbarn or Ezy-up shelters at cost if ordered in advance.

ROCKUP policy for wet weather cancellations. ROCKUP may offer a postponement date depending on time of the year, travel costs,  notice of cancellation received, the number of units or pieces of equipment hired, hire cost of units booked, equipment bookings turned away or availability to other suitable dates within a limited time frame. However in the unfortunate event of a postponement on the day ROCKUP would still charge a minimum of 50% of the quoted hire cost to cover staff wages & loss of income for the day.
Delivery Charges: ROCKUP delivers activities to the Auckland Metropolitan area free of charge.  However for hires that have more than one trailer unit an additional minimum trailer fee of $50 +gst is charged as we require an additional tow vehicle for delivery. Other areas please contact ROCKUP for an obligation free quote which will include delivery costs if applicable.

Travel Charges:  For Hires more than 4 hours drive from Auckland (8 Hours return) an additional day activity hire rental will apply + staff wages @ $35 + gst per instructor for travel time unless ROCKUP is already in the same location for another event the day before or after then only an additional nights accommodation would apply.

Accomodation Charges: For hires before 6.30 am or after 8.30 pm which after setup/packup and travel time would result in ROCKUP staff having to leave base earlier than 5.00 am or getting back to base after 11.00 pm an accommodation/meal allowance charge of $100 + gst per instructor will be applicable.
Event Supervision:
Free Events -  If are wanting ROCKUP activities to be FREE of charge to participants or are holding a 6 hour or longer event we will require additional instructors to assist with que control and to provide breaks.  We offer for the hirer to provide suitable adult helpers to help reduce costs or additional ROCKUP instructors at cost if ordered in advance.  Please ensure if you have offered to provide helpers that they are present at setup for instruction and that they stay for the duration of the hired time, if they take a break a replacement helper has to be organised. If the hirer opted to provide helpers instead of hiring additional ROCKUP instructors, ROCKUP reserves the right to shut down any activity station after 4 hours of operation for a minimum of 30 minutes to guarantee the safe operation of ROCKUP equipment.

Collecting Money - ROCKUP instructors are in charge of safety, supervision and throughput. If hirers need to collect money for participation on activiities they will need to supply a suitable collector.  We recommend to have a central ticketing booth to keep money handling in one place and cut down the number of helpers or volunteers. ROCKUP is happy to collect tickets instead of money, if required.

Behavioural Problems - ROCKUP believes prevention is better than cure and as part of the Health & Safety Plan  participants are required to read activity rules or have them read to them before participating on any ROCKUP activity.  Any participants who refuse to read or follow these rules or endanger their own or other participants safety will be asked to leave the activity area and may not be allowed to participate possibly for the duration of hire.


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