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ROCKUP_Team_Building_Group_Huddle_1_2_1.JPGThe prices below listed below are designed only as a guide with per head prices based on a minimum number of participants.

for a quote including delivery, setup with customised program & supporting services required.
ROCKUP_Giant_Earth_Ball_Challenge_3_3.JPGTOP TEAM DAYS: A FUN & interactive way to challenge your team  
Choose from over 30 activity options including
Team Tasking, Skill-based & FUN inflatables ...
COST: From $35 +gst /head dependant on activity options (Min 30 pax)
Volcano_Adventure_Run___Slide_2_1.JPGSkycity_Cheerleaders_with_ROCKUP_crew_1.JPGTEAM & Corporate FUN Days - Choice of over 30 interactive challenges or fun inflatables delivered, setup & facilitated at a venue of your choice POA
Clay_bird_shooting_4.jpgCLAY BIRD SHOOTING - All Equipment, Safety frame & licensed instructor
COST: $45 +gst per head (Minimum 10 participants)
Team_Building_Archery_1_1.JPGARCHERY - Choice of 2, 4 or 6 Stands with all equipment & trained instructor
COST: $35 +gst per head (Based on minimum 15 Participants)
Raft_Building_Race_4.jpgRAFT BUILD & RACE - Includes setup & facilitation with full trailer of raft building materials including barrels, planks, rope, life jackets & Instuctor
COST: Approx. $35 +gst per head (Based on min 18 participants)
bivouac_build_and_test_2.jpgBIVOUAC BUILD & TEST - Includes setup & facilitation with all materials required to build & test your shelters & Instuctor
COST: Approx. $25 +gst per head (Based on min 18 participants)
ROCKUP_Giant_Earth_Ball_Challenge_3_3.JPGGIANT EARTH BALLS - Scary but FUN - Great Trust & Communication Exercise Have 1 ball & race agaisnt the clock or 2 balls for teams to race agaisnt each other Setup with Airbarn Shelter, fencing & Instructor (Cost per ball includes all equipment)
COST: $250 +gst per ball plus an instructor at $35 +gst per hour
Shuffleboard_Racing_1_2_2_1.JPGSHUFFLE BOARD SKI CHALLENGE - Test your teams Communication & Rhythm
Includes setup with fencing & Instructor.
COST: $150 + gst (2 Sets) plus an instructor at $35 +gst per hour
Giant_Rubic_Cube_Puzzle__Top_Team_Challenge_2.JPGRUBIC CUBE PUZZLES - Huge 1.5 x 1.5 3 D Cubes the ultimate puzzle challenge
Have 1 cube & race agaisnt the clock or 2 cubes for teams to compete
Includes tarp, fencing & Instructor (Cost per cube includes all equipment)
COST: $250 +gst per cube plus an instructor at $35 +gst per hour
Kayak_1.jpgKAYAKS - Great to incorporate into an Amazing Race or Top Team Challenge Day
5 Kayaks with an Instructor
COST: $500 + gst

"Paint the Town Red" ...

AMAZING RACES - A fun & interactive team building adventure and great way to build a rapport with your local community the options are " Amazing" ...  COST: Dependant on Group numbers & activity options included POA
FUN & Interactive Team building activities
Rockclimbing_Wall_Team_Building_Event_1_1_1.JPGRock climbing Walls - 10 x 7 x 8m h 4 Climb auto belayed means more FUN.
The ultimate in attraction Value & REAL FUN Adventure these $100.000 units are the best.  
COST: $850 +gst (Up to 4 Hours) Includes 1 Instructor              
NB: For event format we would require an additional instructor at $35 +gst /hour
Bungy_Trampoline_2.JPGVertical Bungy Trampolines - 10 x 10 x 6m high 4 acrobatic FUN!           
COST: $1500 + gst (4 Hours) Includes 2 Instructors
Volcano_Adventure_Run___Slide_2_1.JPGVolcano Adventure - Obstacle Run & Slide - 18 x 6 x 6m high with 3m high climb wall & 2 Steep Slides                                                                          
COST:  - $850 +gst (Up to 4 Hrs) plus an plus an instructor at $35 + gst per hour
Bungee_O_War_1.JPGBungy Rugby - 10 x 4.5 x 2.5m high Horizontal Bungy 4 at a time - Run against your opponents & stretch out the rubber to score the first  try ...      
COST: $500 +gst plus an instructor at $35 + gst per hour
Log_Joust_interactive_game_3.jpgLog Joust Arena - Balance & combat, foam weapons  & shield, stay on to WIN! 5 x 5 x 4m high                                        
COST: $350 +gst (Up to 4 Hours) plus an instructor at $35 + gst per hour
DUNK_N_Splash_game_1.JPGDunking Tank - The suspense builds as participants sit on a duck board over a tank of water. Hit the target & set off the trigger - Great SPLASH N FUN!      Great for auctioning off celebrities & teachers ... the kids love it! 8 x 5 x 3m high COST: $500 + gst (Up to 4 Hours) plus an instructor at $35 + gst per hour (*Trailer Unit)
ROCKUP__Surfboard.JPGMechanical Surfboard - Ride the wave like a pro ... complete with inflatable wave & PA system ... Wipeout ... Great promotional activity to draw a crowd! 5 x COST: Mechanical Surfboard 5 x 2.5m high - $650 + gst for 2 hour show format
ROCKUP_can_crusher_2.jpgCan Crusher - Great for Galas, Stag Dos & Pub promotions - Smash a Can & put it through the can testerama to test your aim & strength - great recycling FUN!  COST: Can Crusher 1.5 x 2 x 2.5m high $250 +gst plus an instructor at $35 +gst per hour.

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