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I have run several DARE activity days using ROCKUP and have always been impressed with the professionalism in the delivery of their programs.
The Children were all challenged & totally captivated by the activities & the activities fit the DARE ideals in everyway. The children all learnt a lot about themselves & each other by practically applying the theory they learnt in the classroom. The addition of ROCKUP’s activity based learning programmes to our DARE programs has proved to be invaluable towards getting the message across.
The teachers, principals, students and parents raved about ROCKUP & have requested we provide ROCKUP again as part of our DARE Programs.
Constable Luke Wilson – NZ POLICE Youth Education Services/DARE Waitakere

Located in the beautiful scenic Hunua Ranges with access to all the ARC Parks bush walking tracks and dams, at the top of the Hunua Falls on a private family farm. The camp has a huge deep swimming hole on the Wairoa River that runs to the Hunua Falls suitable for kayaking, swimming, rafting the camp being a fantastic site for archery, shooting & team building activities.
This idyllic scenic site allows for the  active development of self sustainability and bush craft skills which in todays society are sorely needed to create confidence, appreciation for social and environmental values.

HISTORY: The Pearson Farm has hosting schools for over 35 years as part of their senior EOTC as it is a tent in camp with a large fire pit, potable stream for pure spring drinking water and the large river for activities and swimming.

In 1990 the Army Cadets adopted this site to run their training programs due to the private nature of the camp and ability to maintain a live fire shooting range.  In 2010 the Army & Air force Cadets held a Jamboree at the Campsite which was an overriding success.

Many High Schools & Intermediate Schools have been using the farm and camp site area for the last 25 years as part of their EOTC senior leadership and team development programs.

Adventure Companies and Polytechnic Training Institutions have also been using the site for Corporate Team Building, Personal Development, Family Fun Days and orienteering programs.

The 180 Acre Pearson Family Farm surrounds YMCA Camp Adair and has been used by the Camp since 1938 to access the bush and Hunua Falls areas. Utilising the scenic camp site area as a picnic stop over area.

ROCKUP Adventure Activities is a Pearson family owned business that has also operates from the farm as ROCKUP BASE and is able to provide exciting fun adventure activities to enhance the experience by providing all equipment with fully qualified friendly instructors to take care of all health & safety issues.

ROCKUP can also provide services for the camp including picnic tables, tents, bbq's, firewood and delivery of any additional equipment that you may need transported to the site. 


SCHOOL EOTC & FUN Activity Days
ROCKUP_School_Team_Huddle_1.jpgWould you like the opportunity to offer your students & colleagues exciting, engaging & fun activity days that generate & encourage team work, develop life skills, teach behavioural learning intiatives & goal setting?                      

ROCKUP's facilitated interactive programs, enhance overall well being, attitudes, confidence & self esteem with a safe, supportive environment.

ROCKUP's formatted programs are designed to fully engage students & encourage team work.
" Teachers can sit back & observe the program or join in for some ROCKUP FUN " ... to develop a closer rapport with their students.

Choose from over 30 ROCKUP adventure based learning activities including rockclimbing, archery, raft & bivouac building, a wide range of team tasking exercises all facilitated by qualified instructors who are responsible, friendly role models.
Our most popular EOTC activities ...

Choose from 30 + FUN & challenging activity options including Archery, Rifle & Pistol Shooting, Rockclimbing & Abseiling, Raft & Bivouac Building, Orienteering, Treasure Hunts & Burma Trails. Top Team Challenges: Giant Earth Balls, Rubic Cube Puzzle, Katipo Webs & more ...

Archery_School_camp_activity_1.jpgWould you like to offer students professional Archery lessons ?

ROCKUP offers trained Archery Instructors with all equipment - Bows: (Recurve adult 20lb or youth 15lb), Arrows: 28 inch fibreglass with coloured fletches.
You can hire up to 6 Stands including a 6x3m Ezyup Shelter or 4x4 Airbarn for 2 to 3 Stands complete with trained Instructor & 1100x800mm targets per stand.
A great way to encourage life skills to develop responsibility, listening and consequence for action strategies with positive goal focused learning.
shooting2_1.jpgDo your students need a reality check or assistance with consequences for action development ?

ROCKUP offers professional Shooting Lessons with quality equipment - CO2 8-shot Beretta Pistols, Air Rifles with scopes, .22 Rifles or 12g shotguns dependent upon Venue or area of use. You can hire up2 to 6 Stands including a 6x3m Ezyup Shelter or a 4x4 Airbarn for 2 to 3 Stands complete with a qualified Instructor and selection of targets.
A great way to encourage confidence to develop Responsibility, Listening and consequence for action skills.
ROCKUP_rock_climbing_for_schools_1.jpgWould you like to help students develop, self esteem, confidence, trust, teamwork, safety awareness & positive behavioural learning?
ROCKUP's most exciting & popular program is the Rock-climbing Wall. The unique ROCKUP systems with the 8m high, full autobelay rockwalls all operate with 4 climbers at a time, in wet or dry conditions partially due to the use of the inflatable classrooms (AIRBARNs).  The programs utilize, buddy networking, interactive teamwork & safety via harnessing, development of climbing & abseiling techniques with ongoing positive growth of self esteem.
ROCKUPs combination of a quality, structured, instructed process with encouraged repeated achievement, culminates in the excitement from a shared comraderie of conquering fear that crosses all boundaries.
ROCKUP over the last 5 years has developed a very successful Road Safety Program with the rockwall. The use of the unique 3 Buckle Harness...ensures the BUCKLE-UP Stay Safe message is a natural component with a wide range of other very important road awareness, driving and life messages that with the full VAK impact guarantee success. 
RAFT_build_and_race_at_a_lake_3.jpgDo your students need to develop hands on construction & life skills?

ROCKUP provides all the equipment with a trained Instructor and full VAK process. A great way to encourage life skills, rope and construction techniques that develop confidence, responsibility, listening and consequence for action strategies. The achievement of teamwork, design, proper use of materials or recognition of environmental factors can be by far the greatest way for a lesson to stick for a lifetime... only in our scenarios the danger is perceived rather than real and the environment a controlled one. However the positive team and skill based learning is huge and great FUN is shared by all...wet or dry.
Do you want to hire kayak equipment with trained instructors to enable safe skill based & positive learning ?  
ROCKUP offers this safely with the opportunity to incorporate a wide range of direct messages.

ROCKUP Programs can be operated at a camp venue, public park, onsite at school or even a private farm.  ROCKUP has access to a wide range of venues & options to create solutions that can fit almost any budget.
kids_cycling_kids_on_bikes_1.jpg Do you want to hire cycling equipment with trained instructors to enable safe skill based & positive learning ?  

ROCKUP offers this safely with the opportunity to incorporate a wide range of direct messages.

ROCKUP Programs can be operated at a camp venue, public park, onsite at school or even a private farm.  ROCKUP has access to a wide range of venues & options to create solutions that can fit almost any budget.
schoo_camp_team_building_4.jpgWould you like a reward based multi tasked, learning activity for teamwork, following instructions & environmental awareness ?  

ROCKUP creates and customises formatted tasking activities that will challenge and excite students whilst maintaining a safe & fun environment.

ROCKUP is only one of the few outdoor adventure businesses in NZ that can deliver safe, comprehensive outdoor based programs NZ wide.
Do you want to use a wide range of activities to keep 60 to 160 Student fully engaged for a whole day?
ROCKUP TOP TEAM DAYs are a fun & challenging way to get students working together towards a common goal & incorporate different challenges. TOP TEAM Creates comraderie & team work, leadership, change & growth, attitude & focus ... a great way to totally engage all your students for the day ROCKUP to ROCKUP & Climb On!!

FAVOURITE Top Team Day Activity options include:
Rock-climb, Volcano Adventure Obstacle Run & Slide, Archery, Ski-Boards, Giant Earth Balls, Katipo Webs, Giant Rubic Cubes, Cycling, Kayaks, Dunking Tank, Log Jousting & Horizontal Bungy Rugby.



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